On Friday, December 6, 2019, at the Athenaeum InterContinental, the passenger ship WORLDCHAMPION JET by SEAJETS company in which Mr. Marios Iliopoulos is Head of Strategic Planning was awarded the "ship of the year". It is the first time a cruise ship has been awarded the prestigious Lloyd's List Greek Shipping Awards.

Marios Iliopoulos, CEO of SEAJETS said that: "The award is a great recognition and honor for SEAJETS, given that it was the first time a high-speed passenger ship was awarded the 'Lloyd's List Greek Shipping Awards 2019'. standing next to the most recognized ships.

Mr. Marios Iliopoulos further stated: "At Seajets our goals are completely identical to the goals of all Greeks who want to see Greece, this country with its huge history and culture, to smile again and pride and joy to return in the hearts of all Greeks. I was, I am, and will be next to our Aegean, our Greece, that we will never allow ourselves to be forgotten, always contributing to its prominence to be displayed in the range it deserves. I always try to encourage young people to have goals, visions, dream their future and fight for their core principles while respecting the people who contribute to their prestige, their credibility and their ideals in the best tomorrow of our Shipping."

Marios Iliopoulos
Marios Iliopoulos award

WORLDCHAMPION JET operates daily routes from Piraeus to the Cyclades islands such as Syros, Naxos, Santorini and Paros. Among other things, it was distinguished for the comfort it offers to its passengers, its consistency and its unique speed. WORLDCHAMPION JET is a speedboat that holds a place even in the Guiness book as it reaches up to 50 knots. The so-called "Formula 1" of the Cyclades.


The Champion of Rally Marios Iliopoulos

This year, there will be eight races and six of them will count on the final standings. The scoring difference provides safety to Marios Iliopoulos, who only needs a second place in just two races to win the title!


The title will be judged in Ahladokampos on Saturday 12-13 October. Six racing meetings have already taken place and the title race in the top division of Formula Saloon will judge the next race.  

Most likely to win are are Marios Iliopoulos and Panagiotis Soldatos, who will contardict  having their hands on the very powerful Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta, respectively.


The safety of the… contrast

Frontrunner remains the champion of 2018 Marios Iliopoulos, who is currently 136 points ahead of 101 by Panagiotis Soldatos.

This difference, combined with the federation's scoring system, provides security for Mario, who only needs a second-place finish in two races to acquire another championship. 

For wins for Iliopoulos


Note that fans’ favorite and outgoing Marios Iliopoulos has won this year in Dionysos, Kymi, Ritsona and Omalos, while Panagiotis Soldatos scores two wins in Moschokarya and Portaria.

The championship will end with the climb of Pititsa between 9-10 November. The sure thing is that in a few days we will enjoy a fascinating show.


Not a glitch, but "Mario" in the ... air


An evening dedicated to the 26 fishermen and the four Tera Jet sailors for their heroic offer to rescue our fellow humans in the huge fire at Mati, is organized by Seajets and Mr. Panagiotis and Marios Iliopoulos. 

During the event, which took take place in Nea Makri in a specially designed area in the "Trata" restaurant, honorable plaques were expected to be awarded.



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